Air Hockey Rules – A Quick Start for Beginners

Want the basic rules to quick start an air hockey game? We’ve simplified the official rules so you can get straight to the fun part. If you need more detailed rules, you can find them here.

To Win

The first player to score 7 points wins the game.

Air Hockey Rules

The Rules
1Possession of the puck at the start of play is determined by flipping a coin.
2To score a point, the puck must enter and sink fully into the goal.
3When a player scores a goal, the other player then serves the puck.
4The puck must only be struck by a player when it’s on their own side of the centerline.
5If any part of the puck is on the centerline, either player may hit it.
6A player may stand behind or to the side of the table but must remain on their own side of the centerline.
7When scored upon, a player has 10 seconds to remove and place the puck back into play.
8A player may use their free hand to hand serve the puck when they have been scored upon.
9Each player may declare one 10 second time-out each game as long as the puck is in their possession.
10A palming foul will occur when a player’s hand, body, or clothing touches the puck.
11If one player commits a foul, the other player takes possession of the puck.
12Players must not top the puck by placing their mallet over the top to hold or slow it.
13A player has seven seconds to return a shot after it crosses the centerline.
14When a player wins a game players swap ends.

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the rules you’ll need to know how to play the game to win. There are some very easy basic techniques that I can show you that will help give you an advantage.

And lastly if you want the unofficial rules they are as follows:

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