Best Table Tennis Conversion Top for 2022

If you’re wondering which is the best table tennis conversion top to go for then this quick no nonsense guide will help you to decide which one is best for your needs.

What We Think Brand Snap Shot
Highly Recommended JOOLA Conversion Top with Foam Backing and Net Set
Seriously Good Fran_store Foldable Table Tennis Conversion Top with Net Set
Worthy Mention STIGA Duo Table Tennis Conversion Top
Bang For Your Buck JOOLA Tetra – 4 Piece Ping Pong Table Top Includes Ping Pong Net Set

The Best Table Tennis Conversion Tops Reviewed

Highly Recommended: JOOLA Conversion Top with Foam Backing and Net Set

This regulation size table tennis conversion top from JOOLA is designed to fit all standard billiard tables up to 8ft in length.

The Joola conversion top that we’ve recommended here features an EVA foam padding that covers the entire underside of the conversion table. We really like this, it’s a really great feature and helps to ensure that you don’t scratch, or damage your pool table when the conversion top is being used.

This is a quality ping pong conversion top, the MDF tabletop has a regulation size thickness of 15mm which results in consistent ball bounce and performance.

The included table tennis net set and post system have been designed to ensure that when it is set up for play it doesn’t make contact with your billiard table and so eliminating any chance of damage.

Key Features:

  • Full regulation size of 108 x 60 inches.
  • Complete EVA foam backing to the underside of the conversion top.
  • Separates into 2 tabletop parts.
  • The net set includes a net tensioning system.
  • 15mm MDF conversion top thickness.
  • Weight of 115lbs.

What We Like:

  • Thick Conversion Top – At 15mm this is a great sized table tennis conversion top, the thickness helps to reduce the chances of the table sagging or warping.
  • Nice Tabletop Color – The sophisticated black color with white detailing makes a nice change from the usual green and blue conversion tops that you often see for sale.
  • Full Foam Padding – With full foam padding covering the underside of the conversion top you are eliminating the chances of causing damage to your pool table when this conversion top is placed on it.

Things To Consider:

  • Storage Made Easy – If you are short on storage space then this is a really good option to go for, the conversion top separates completely making for easy storage.
  • Provides Full Table Protection – If you are worried about the possibility of surface damage caused by a conversion top, then this is the one to go for as it has complete foam backing to protect the surface that this conversion top rests on.

Seriously Good: Fran_store Foldable Table Tennis Conversion Top with Net Set

The Fran store table tennis conversion top is a seriously good option to consider if you’d prefer a folding system and maybe you’d also prefer a blue tabletop color.

With a regulation size of 9 ft x 5 ft and a tabletop thickness of 19mm this ping pong conversion top is ideal for billiard tables up to 8 ft in length.

Of course, you could use this conversion topper on any sturdy table, it’s not just for converting games tables into a table tennis table.

This conversion top system is foldable, it’s hinged in the center to allow for easy storage, you also get foam pads to help protect the surface that you are laying the table tennis conversion top on.

Key Features:

  • Full regulation size (9ft x 5ft) table tennis conversion top.
  • 19mm conversion top thickness.
  • Foam backing pads to protect from under-table contact damage.
  • Foldable ping pong conversion top.
  • Net set included.
  • Suitable for pool tables up to 8ft in length.

What We Like:

  • Nice Table Thickness – With a conversion top thickness of 19mm which results in better ping pong ball bounce and ball behavior.
  • Foldable Conversion Top – The two halves of the table tennis conversion top are hinged so that they can fold together for storage or transportation.
  • Regulation Size Conversion Top – This full-size conversion top is designed to fit billiard tables up to 8ft in length.

Things To Consider:

  • Foam Pad Protection – This conversion top uses multiple foam pads to protect it from scratching the surface that you rest the conversion top on, does that offer enough protection for you? if you think it doesn’t then go for the Joola conversion top that has a complete foam backing.

Worthy Mention: STIGA Duo Table Tennis Conversion Top

The STIGA Duo table tennis conversion top really is worth a mention as it is compatible with Air Hockey Tables as well as billiard tables.

The regulation size conversion top is split into two halves, each half is fitted with rubber strips on the underside to protect your air hockey table or billiard table from scratches when the conversion top is being used.

Key Features:

  • Conversion top for some 7ft and 8ft air hockey tables.
  • Ideal for billiard tables from 7ft through to 8ft.
  • Dark green conversion top.
  • Conversion top thickness of 1/2 inch.
  • Regulation size 9ft x 5ft.
  • 30” center-mounted steel stiffeners support the tabletop.

What We Like:

  • Versatile Conversion Top – This table tennis conversion top can also be used to convert some air hockey tables too.
  • Supplied In Two Separate Half’s – The conversion top does pack some weight and so comes to you in two sections which makes it easier to assemble and dismantle.
  • Full-Size Playing Area – This is a full regulation size ping pong conversion top at 9ft x 5ft.

Things To Consider:

  • 2 In 1 Conversion Top – If you have a 7ft or 8ft air hockey table then the chances are that this conversion top will fit nicely onto it, enabling you to play table tennis.

Bang For Your Buck: JOOLA Tetra – 4 Piece Ping Pong Table Top Includes Ping Pong Net Set

This blue table tennis conversion top from JOOLA is a real value for money option. You can convert a billiard table, air hockey table, and even your dining table into a ping pong table with this conversion top.

The four-piece Joola Tetra conversion top separates into two halves making it easy to assemble, dismantle and store away.

Key Features:

  • Full regulation size 9ft x 5ft table tennis conversion top.
  • It’s lightweight at only 85lbs.
  • 4 piece conversion top hinge system.
  • Thick 12mm tabletop.
  • Includes a custom net and post set.
  • Includes protective foam pads.

What We Like:

  • Bang For Your Buck – You really do get value for money with this popular table tennis conversion top, check out the price, you’ll be surprised.
  • Full-Size Conversion Top – When you play ping pong it really needs to be on a full-size table, that’s what you’ve got here.
  • Nice Table Thickness – You get a 12mm thick conversion top, which is a really nice touch as it really helps with ball bounce.

Things To Consider:

  • Lightweight And Compact – If you are looking for a lightweight table tennis conversion top that is easy to assemble and dismantle as well as being compact enough to store away, then this is a really great choice to go for.

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