How to Clean an Air Hockey Table

You’ll need to clean your air hockey table regularly – not just to spruce it up and keep it looking nice. But dust and dirt will also affect the performance of your table. Even if your table doesn’t really look dirty, you may notice your shots don’t have quite as much power behind them before you realize your air hockey table is overdue for a good clean.

Quick Clean

This is something you want to do regularly:

Before you start turn the blower ON. This is so that liquid or any dust particles, don’t just end up clogging the holes up.

Air hockey tables have a laminate surface. To clean the surface, just use a lint-free cloth and a dab of rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol). You can also use ammonia-free window cleaner as an alternative if you don’t have any rubbing alcohol.

Don’t try to clean the rails where they come into contact with the puck. A thin layer of dirt actually helps keep the puck on the table and it improves your back shots too.

Don’t be tempted to use silicone, wax, furniture polish, or anything which coats the surface of the table. It’s really difficult to get off and will just clog the air holes.

Deep Clean

Every couple of months, check that the air holes haven’t become blocked with debris. You can use a stickpin to pull the dirt out. Again turn the blower on first so the dirt doesn’t just fall through.

So as you see air hockey tables are pretty trouble-free and easy to maintain. Make a rule not to allow anything other than mallets and pucks on your table and you should be good to go.

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Cover Photo Credit: John Sebastian Gutierrez Campo by CC 2.0

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